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October 12 - 13, 2013
National Western Complex
4655 Humboldt St.
Denver, CO 80216

Show Hours

Saturday: 9am - 6pm
Sunday: 9am - 2pm

Ticket Prices

Adults: $10
Children 12 & under: Free

zzzProgressive Insurance 28th Annual Rocky Mountain Snowmobile Expo

zzzProgressive Insurance 28th Annual Rocky Mountain Snowmobile Expo

Shop the best deals of the year at THE show for the snowmobile enthusiast!

Find everything you need to get geared up for the first coat of fresh snow, all under one roof.

Check out new 2014 models of snowmobiles from leading manufacturers such as Arctic Cat and Ski-Doo, along with over 50 exhibits of accessories and clothing, winter resort destinations, ATVs, trailers, all kinds of winter fun products, and much more.

Rocky Mountain Snowmobile Expo GS Events


Open to the public! Come and sell your used and/or discontinued items only: snowmobiles, trailers, clothing, accessories and more.

NEW LOCATION! This year, the Swap Meet is located
at the South-East corner of the Merchandise Mart parking lot.

Saturday - 9 am to 6 pm
Sunday - 9 am to 2 pm

Swap Meet Rules And Regulations

Subject to change.


This is a fund-raising activity for CSA! We protect your right to ride and appreciate your participation.

Space sizes will be determined by CSA volunteers – please respect the space boundaries so we can accommodate as many participants as possible!
No Vehicles will be allowed inside the fence during operating hours.

  • #1 -- SLED ONLY in sled line = $20 -- all sleds need to be removed from truck or trailer for this discount to apply, please.
  • #2 -- TWO-Place Trailer or equivalent = $35 (sleds on trailer ok); $45 with vehicle attached.
  • #3 -- FOUR-Place Trailer or equivalent = $55 (sleds on trailer ok); $65 with vehicle attached.
  • #4 - 20’ x 30’ (RV or enclosed trailer with limited show space) = $100** (no extra credit card fees apply)
  • #5 -- 40’ x 30’ (semi with limited show space) = $150** (no extra credit card fees apply)
  • **Vendors in space sizes #4 and #5 please note:
    RESERVATIONS REQUIRED by September 26 and you MUST be parked between 1pm and 4pm Thursday OR between 9am and 4pm on Friday but no later than 4pm FRIDAY. NO EXCEPTIONS PLEASE.


    * All Swap Meet Vendors receive ONE FREE entrance to the Snowmobile Expo for SATURDAY ONLY ($10 Value) - ONE additional event ticket may be purchased per Vendor for $2 off (available for purchase at time of Swap Meet payment only).
    * CSA Members receive $5 OFF any entry fee.
    * Swap Meet Vendors who have paid for a booth INSIDE the Snowmobile Expo receive their OUTSIDE space for 15% OFF, but no additional discounts, additional tickets, or inclusions apply.
    * These rates are for CASH/CHECK payments ONLY.
    * Credit cards will be charged $5 extra to cover our administrative costs.
    * Checks will ONLY be accepted until SEPTEMBER 26 (RECEIVED – NOT JUST POSTMARKED).
    * NO CHECKS ACCEPTED ON-SITE. Cash or credit card (MC/Visa) are only accepted forms of payment after 9/26.


    * Space sizes 1-3 are assigned on a first-parked basis ONLY. Space sizes 4 and 5 require advance reservations.
    * Parking spaces will be assigned by event coordinator. Please park where directed only.
    * All vendors should be parked and set up between 4pm and 7pm on FRIDAY OR 7am and 8:30am on SATURDAY only. The only exceptions are for sleds in the sled line.
    * PLEASE do not attempt to park early as this causes problems!
    * Once inside gates and parked, vehicles will not be allowed to move while the show is open to the public!
    * EARLY DEPARTURES are strongly discouraged and for emergencies only please! Please remember that vehicles will not be allowed to move once parked inside the gates so any early departures will have to be moved by hand or ATV only.
    * Event coordinator has final say on any exceptions please.
    * DO NOT TRANSPORT SLEDS WITH ENGINES ON! Sleds in the sled line may be transported using a CSA provided ATV or with a hand truck ONLY. When the Swap Meet is open to the public, our insurance will not allow sleds to be ridden!


    *No food or drink sales allowed.
    * No helmet or oil sales allowed.
    * No NEW merchandise sales allowed -- USED or DISCONTINUED items ONLY!
    * Early departures strongly discouraged! PLEASE plan to stay the day.
    Exception: sleds in sled corral.
    * This is a family event. Please limit any alcohol consumption. No one under 21 allowed alcohol.
    * Trash removal is your responsibility! Don't leave anything behind or you won't be invited back.
    * The person(s) participating in the Swap Meet assumes all risk of personal injury and all loss or damage to property; furthermore, the participant(s) agree to hold harmless the Rocky Mountain Snowmobile Expo, GS Media & Events, the Denver Merchandise Mart, and the Colorado Snowmobile Association, and their employees, associates, volunteers, and contractors from any injury, loss or damage whatsoever.
    * The Colorado Snowmobile Association will require any Swap Meet participant(s) that violate these rules to leave the Denver Merchandise Mart property (private property). CSA further requests that the Swap Meet participant(s) conduct their business in a cordial and professional manner.


    CSA greatly appreciates your cooperation and observance of these rules.

    Note: No restrooms available at Swap Meet site!

    For more information, please contact Carrie Kroschel at

    Please click here to view the Swap Meet Registration Form.